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In Singapore, CIMB Securities (Singapore) offers wealth management services through the Wealth Management Group (WMG). WMG advocates an open architecture approach in selecting "best of breed" wealth management solutions for you, backed by sound and unbiased financial advice. Among others, WMG offers the following wealth management services:
Unit Trusts
Access international capital markets through i*Trade@CIMB, our online trading portal.
Invest and diversify globally. We offer over 300 Singapore registered unit trust funds across more than 20 reputable fund management firms.
Enjoy "Best of Breed" risk protection. We offer insurance products from several insurance companies.
Securities Advisory
 We advise and recommend a portfolio of securities that is broadly in line with your financial objectives and risk-profile.
Personal Investment
Portfolio Review (PIPR)
 We review your existing unit trust investments and recommend a suitable portfolio using our asset allocation approach.
Personal Investment Plan (PIP)
 We help you set up a global personal portfolio of unit trusts with free unlimited switching across more than 200 unit trusts from over 20 fund managers.
Insurance Advisory Service
 We plan and implement suitable insurance strategies for you, whether you are an individual, business or institution.

Absolute Return
Accumulator (ARA)
 We set up and manage a personal securities portfolio to target absolute returns based on a performance fee incentive.

Asset Builder Portfolio
 We set up and manage a personal portfolio of unit trusts for you based on a global asset allocation approach. Pick from 5 risk profiles and an Absolute Return mandate with a performance fee incentive.
In Indonesia, WMG provides wealth management services through PT CIMB Securities, which has investment research capabilities and access to Indonesian registered mutual funds.

Through our regional network, CIMB Securities (Singapore) is able to offer discerning clients customized onshore and offshore financial solutions.

We can help formulate a long-term financial strategy to help you achieve your financial goals through the following:

Set up a personal managed account at CIMB-GK and let our investment experts work for you.

Enjoy a low-cost investment service where your customized portfolio is monitored regularly and where rebalancing is done proactively for you by our in-house investment specialists.

You can set up the following two key discretionary managed accounts:

Asset Builder Portfolio (ABP)

  • We set up and manage a unit trust portfolio for you using our internal fund rating system - across more than 200 unit trusts from several internationally reputable fund managers.
  • Enjoy unlimited FREE switching between funds and proactive management of your unit trust portfolio.
  • Access consolidated reporting including portfolio valuation, market exposures, transaction statements and investment returns.
  • Track your investments 24x7 online.

Absolute Return Accumulator (ARA)

This is a segregated portfolio management service that targets absolute returns through a performance fee incentive. Investments are focused on bottom up stock selection. Depending on our investment views, your portfolio may hold high cash or fixed income instruments.

ARA is ideal for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who are too busy to manage their own portfolios or who are looking for an experienced investment manager whom they can trust to manage their funds.

Identify your financial objectives and formulate a long-term financial strategy with us.

We believe the best way to plan for your future is to assess your current situation as thoroughly and as accurately as possible. We will help you:

Identify, prioritise and quantify your financial goals and objectives
Draw up a snapshot of your current financial resources
Develop investment and risk protection strategies
Implement your plan
Review and monitor your progress towards your financial goals

Our financial planning services among others, cover:

Wealth Creation
 We help you build your asset base with the potential to grow and generate income.
Retirement Planning
 Your "Golden Years" are crucial. Determine your needs early and we'll help you chart a viable financial path forward.
Education Funding
 We advise you on various education funding options that best meets your goals.
Tax & Estate Planning
 Preserve your hard-earned wealth and plan its distribution so that your beneficiaries can acquire them hassle-free.

Our Wealth Advisers can help you, whether you need advice on saving for a house, investing, insurance protection or planning your retirement.

If you need more information or wish to arrange for a no obligation appointment with one of our Wealth Advisers, please contact us at 1800 538 9889, fax to (65) 6323 1176 or email to clientservices.sg@cimb.com

Alternatively, you may also visit our Investment Centre at:
CIMB-GK Investment Centre (next to Raffles Place MRT Station)
50 Raffles Place #01-01 Singapore Land Tower
Singapore 048623