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In April 2002, CIMB Private Banking (CIMB PB) became the first financial institution in Malaysia to offer full private banking services catering specifically to high net worth individuals (HNW). We provide a comprehensive range of products and services which can be customized according to your needs.

With a wide spectrum of instruments, we help you invest in equities, initial public offerings, bonds, unit trusts, discretionary funds, private equity and structured products. Besides, we also help raise financing via share margin, revolving credit and reverse repo arrangements.

Learn how we can help you develop investment strategies and our approaches in managing your portfolio from the following:

Financial Planning represents one of the core services of CIMB PB.

After understanding your financial needs, risk appetite and financial goals and objectives, our financial advisor will in consultation with our investment team, customise an asset allocation plan for you.

We help you to:
Identify, prioritise and quantify your financial goals and objectives.
Draw up a snapshot of your current financial resources.
Develop investment strategies.
Monitor your progress on an on-going basis.
We allow you to dictate how active or passive a role you want to play in managing your investment portfolio.

Our distinctive range of portfolios, structured to cater to a diversity of investment styles include:

Advisory Portfolio
  You can play an active role in managing and controlling your investments via securities selection and asset class allocation, based on the investment strategy recommended by your Financial Advisors and the Investment Team.
Investment-Unlimited Portfolio
 You have the freedom to invest across a wide range of asset classes and investment instruments for a small management fee. Capitalise on investment opportunities with very little or no transaction costs charged.
Discretionary Portfolio
  This personalised asset management service gives you access to the expertise of approved third party fund managers. Your portfolio is managed professionally and strictly in accordance with your investment objectives.

We adopt an open architecture and best of breed approach to finding solutions for clients.

Our in-house investment team will research, analyze, select and monitor the most appropriate investment options for our clients.

On a monthly basis, you will receive a consolidated report and regular valuations on your investments across all asset classes, enabling you to assess the progress of individual investment decisions.

We also provide investment reviews, market outlook commentaries and investment strategies to keep you up to date with market developments on a regular basis.